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Absolutely! Our report is attached to every order that leaves the lab. It contains analysis of SDS PAGE, purity, concentration and storage condition etc., and is delivered in the same packet as the order.

Pricing is dependent on the work necessary and the difficulty of the protein. Generally it is a good idea to call the company and discuss your needs with our Chief Scientific Officer. He can give you a good idea of the cost that can fit your budget.

The bottom line is, "it's high." Our senior scientists have over 20 years in the protein field, have written and published numerous articles, and are well known in their field. Similarly our lab technicians have extensive training in protein expression techniques and are accomplished in their field.

Although ProteinOne is a developmental stage company, we are always open to discussions with other companies concerning collaborations. We believe we have a lot to offer and if joining with another company will add to the collective success of a project we will wholeheartedly consider it. Please give us a call if this is the situation.

Proteinone believes in the confidentially of all orders and of the order receiver. We will not reveal the recipient, or the quality, or the protein without consent of the customer. We will not issue any press releases without joint coordination between the parties. Please read our "Privacy Statement" at the end of this section for further details.

If during the checkout you choose to pay by credit card, your credit card will be charged when your order is placed.

Most declined transactions are the result of some information being entered incorrectly. Please confirm your address, credit card number, expiration date, and cvv number before attempting to place the order again. If you have moved or changed addresses recently, you may wish to try using your prior address in the Billing Address field. If all information in our systems is accurate, please contact your credit card company and confirm the address that is listed for the primary account holder. Only a small percentage of transactions are declined due to credit card balance concerns.

To find the product(s) you're looking for, you may (1) use the navigation menus on the top of our website, (2) type a keyword into the Search box, (3) use the pull-down menu to locate under the products tab at the top or at the products list at the pages bottoms. If you have any trouble locating a product, feel free to contact customer service for assistance.

All Orders received Monday - Friday, are typically shipped within 3 business days (exception to any custom orders) and the shipping service type will be according your selection during checkout. Please check the item shipping information on the product page for specific information on its shipping time; certain large/heavy and custom items cannot be expedited.

Calculating your shipping rate

Because there are so many variables in generating a basic shipping quote, we recommend that you use our calculate shipping tool on our cart to get the most accurate estimate pricing figure.

You need not make any purchase to do so.

You can generate your own price quote by adding the items you are considering for purchase to your shopping cart. If this is your first time using the shipping tool, you may be asked to select the carrier, to enter a shipping zip code and/or address in order to proceed on to the page with the shipping estimates. Rest assured that you will not be charged unless you proceed all the way through to the completion of your order (and the Order Confirmation page).

Once you have entered the requested information needed to provide the estimate, the various available shipping options and relative pricing will be displayed. This page will also reflect an overall price for the order, including product, tax (if applicable) and shipping.

Please note that both product & shipping prices are subject to change. Quotes generated using the method noted above are only valid for the browser session during which they are generated. Prices displayed during previous sessions will not be honored.

The cart does not reflect customs duties for internationally bound packages ordered through the the site. For more information on import taxes, please contact your local customs office.

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