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ProteinOne Product Citations

TBP (TATA box Binding Protein) Cat# P1004

Francois et al. "The Cellular TATA Binding Protein is Required for Rep-Dependent Replication of a Minimal Adeno-Associated Virus Type 2 p5 Element",
Journal of Virology, 79:17, 11082-11094, September 2005.

Grace et al., "Sequence and Spacing of TATA Box Elements Are Critical for Accurate Initiation from the b-Phaseolin Promoter",
Journal of Biological Chemistry, 279:8102-8110, February 2004.

Tang et al., "Requirement of a 12-Base-Pair TATT-Containing Sequence and Viral Lytic DNA Replication in Activation of the Kaposi's Sarcoma-Associated Herpesvirus K8.1 Late Promoter",
Journal of Virology, 78:2609-2614, March 2004

P300 (Tumor Suppressor Protein and Transcription Factor), Cat.# P2004
Pedeux et. al. "ING2 Regulates the Onset of Replicative Senescence by Induction of p300-Dependent p53 Acetylation",
Molecular and Cellular Biology, 25:15. 6639-6648, August 2005.

TFIIB (Transcription Factor IIB), Cat.# P1003

Tubon et al., "Nonconserved Surface of the TFIIB Zinc Ribbon Domain Plays a Direct Role in RNA Polymerase II Recruitment",
Molecular and Cellular Biology, 24:2863-2874, April 2004

Glossop et al., "A conformational change in TFIIB is required for activator-mediated assembly of the preinitiation complex",
Nucleic Acid Research, 32:1829-1835, March 2004.

Zhang et al., "Repression of Luteinizing Hormone Preceptor Gene Promoter by Cross Talk among EAR3/ COUP-TFI, Sp1/Sp3, and TFIIB",
Molecular and Cellular Biology, 23:6958-6972, October 2003.

TFIIEb, p34 (Transcription Factor IIE, b subunit), Cat.# P1006

Lin et al. "Stimulation of the XPB ATP-dependent helicase by the beta subunit of TFIIE",
Nucleic Acids Res., 33:3072 - 3081, May 2005.

ASF/SF2, (SFRS1 or SRP30a, Pre-mRNA Splicing Factor), Cat.#P3002

Benz et al. "An erythroid differentiation-specific splicing switch in protein 4.1R mediated by the interaction of SF2/ASF with an exonic splicing enhancer"
Blood, Vol.105, No.5,2146 - 2153, March 2005

Sanford et al., "A novel role for shuttling SR proteins in mRNA translation",
Genes & Development, 18:755-768, April 2004.

p53 (wild type) Tumor Suppressor Protein and Transcription Factor, Cat.#P2001

Wei-Li Liu et al.” Structures of three distinct activator–TFIID complexes” Genes & Development 23:1510–1521, 2009.

Xu et al. "p53 induces differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells by suppressing Nanog expression",
Nature Cell Biology, 7:165-171, Feburary 2005

Lu et al. "Exonuclease III protection assay with FRET probe for detecting DNA-binding proteins",
Nucleic Acids Research, Vol.33, No.2:Feburary 2005

Active Protein Array, Transcription Array, Cat.#P8001

Ge et al. "The recombinant protein array: use in target identification and validation"
Drug Discovery Today: Targets, Vol.3. No.6, December 2004

E2F-1, (RBAP-1) Transcription Factor and Rb-mediator, Cat.# P1031

Tao et al. "The candidate tumor suppressor gene BLU, located at the commonly deleted region 3p21.3, is an E2F-regulated, stress-responsive gene and inactivated by both epigenetic and genetic mechanisms in nasopharyngeal carcinoma",
Oncogene, 23:4793-4806, June 2004

Dr1 (NC2b), Cat.# P1024

Denko et al., "Hypoxia Actively Represses Transcription by Inducing Negative Cofactor 2 (Dr1/DrAP1) and Blocking Preinitiation Complex Assembly",
Journal of Biological Chemistry, 278:5744-5749, February 2003.

RNA Pol II (RNA polymerase II, native complex), Cat.# P1014.

Hasegawa et al.,"A Rapid Purification Method for Human RNA Polymerase II by Two-Step Affinity Chromatography",
J. Biochemistry, 133:133-138, January 2003.

Machali et al. "Specification of a DNA replication origin by a transcription complex",
Nature Cell Biology, 6:721-730, August 2004

TFIID, Cat.#P1013.

Hasegawa et al.,"A Rapid Purification Method for Human RNA Polymerase II by Two-Step Affinity Chromatography",
J. Biochemistry, 133:133-138, January 2003.

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