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protein-array-research-developmentIn addition to the isolation, functional characterization, and stabilization of proteins, ProteinOne continues to develop the proprietary platform, the Active Protein Array (APA) system. The APA is pending patent protection as of January 2001. It has been shown to provide a sensitive and high-throughput method to analyze interactions and potentially new functions of both previously characterized and novel proteins [Ge, NAR, 28(2), E3 (2000)].

At present, the prototype APA offers four major advances over most protein interaction analysis methodology because it is rapid, convenient, reliable, and quantitative. An important part in advanced research of gene expression and functional genomics is to identify what proteins do and how they work. There is no better starting point than to determine what are their interactions.

The APA system decreases false positive signals compared to the traditional methods available for protein-protein interaction and has the added advantage of being applied to detect interactions of purified proteins with different target molecules like DNA, RNA, ligand (hormone) and other small molecules.

The APA platform continues development to clearly identify true interactions and decrease the potential for false positives through vigorous testing and improved optimal conditions. The original use of the APA (formally Universal Protein Array) successfully aided in determining the specific target proteins for several transcriptional coactivator proteins, and an apoptosis factor protein after standard GST pull-down and other interaction methods failed to indicate specific interactions [Ge, NAR, 28(2), E3 (2000)]. It has also been successful in demonstrating the specific DNA binding activity of a single point mutation within PC4, a general transcription coactivator involved in regulating transcriptional activation by RNA polymerase II.

In addition to being used in laboratories to study the protein interaction of many biological pathways, the Active Protein Array will be used to screen new drug target for their binding affinity to various protein targets or to test various compounds or small molecules for their ability to block binding of other molecules to proteins.

ProteinOne believes it is critical to utilize our opportunity to isolate and purify biologically active proteins, as well as: 1) further perfect and test the reliability of the APA system; and 2) to enhance its effectiveness and reliability to make it the crucial link in the next generation of technologies to study proteins and functional genomics.

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