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protein-purificationFunctionally active proteins can be expressed in and purified from several different systems that have been well characterized. Our aim is to primarily utilize bacterial and baculoviral systems to produce transcription, cancer, nuclear hormone receptor, and kinase related proteins.

ProteinOne uses insect cells to propagate baculoviruses in producing recombinant proteins to study their biology and molecular genetics in more detail. Foreign genes can be expressed into authentic proteins at high levels in insect cell cultures using these expression vectors. There are many advantages of using the baculovirus expression system, including: high expression levels, limitless size of the expressed protein, efficient cleavage of signal peptides and processing of the protein, post-translational modifications, simultaneous expression of multiple genes and production of proteins from genes of unknown function. These expressed proteins are correctly folded and biologically active which is a signature of ProteinOne's product line.

A portion of our protein purification strategy revolves around utilizing protein tags including 6-histidine, FLAG or myc, to increase our ability to purify the proteins to near homogeneity upon initial purification. ProteinOne's goal is to create new plasmids containing one or more of the protein tags without interfering with protein function(s).

High purity proteins require additional rounds of purification even with a unique protein tag, which is usually decided based on protein structure and chemical properties. Conventional chromatography, fast performance liquid chromatography (FPLC), or high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) based techniques are used to enhance our ability to achieve highly purified, biologically active proteins.

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