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Unlike that observed for E coli, transcription of human genes by RNA polymerase II is an extremely complex process involving cooperative interactions and functions of over 50 proteins. Although gene expression is largely regulated at the transcription level and the study of transcription has lead to publication of over 150,000 articles to date, many questions about the regulation of transcription, however, remain unanswered.

The major challenge in the study of transcription is due to its complexity and the lack of proper systems and reagents. ProteinOne's Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Hui Ge, has studied transcription factors for over 10 years and has established a means for studying transcription in vitro utilizing highly purified transcription factors. Transcription regulation of both wild type and mutant gene protein products is the focus for new science applications and developments in the treatment of cancer and other diseases.

The ProteinOne RNA Pol II In Vitro Transcription kit (Cat#P7000) is reconstituted with purified general transcription factors (TFs) including recombinant TFIIA, -IIB, -IIE, -IIF, and naturally purified complexes of TFIID, TFIIH and RNA polymerase II [Ge et al., Cell 78, 513-523 (1994); Ge et al., Methods Enzymol. 274, 57-71(1996)]. The assay will contribute greatly to understanding the mechanics of transcription regulation.

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